Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Field

'Summer Field'
Digital image available for sale in various formats on

This image sold as a PDF file to a Canadian company who used the whole image and parts of the image throughout their recent quarterly broadcast - published as hard copy.

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Moon Walk

Moon Walk
482 x 603 mm
19" x 24"
each strip 76 mm (3") wide
Rolled acrylic on six strips of canvas set 1.5 cms (1/2") apart
Unframed (so therefore much more affordable!)
Price : Euro350 plus postage and packaging (nominal, as the painting will roll comfortably into a tube)

This is one from the Rolled Abstracts collection. 'Moon Walk' was created on strips of canvas secured a few centimetres apart with layers of paint rolled over a stencil design. By moving the stencils each time a new layer of paint is applied, a sense of movement and depth is given to the design. I'm building the collection up over a number of years with the intention of exhibiting once I have accumulated about 24 pieces .... selling them in the meantime doesn't help but then that's what it's all about!!! :-)