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Floral paintings jet off to Washington DC

Yay! With huge thanks to Pepi Khara at the Square Art Gallery in Frederick, Maryland, the following 6 floral paintings are presently jetting their way to the gallery. If you're in the area, please diarise the 4 November 2017 as the grand opening of the Square Art Gallery.

Here are the details:
The Square Art Gallery
8 E. Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Text: +1-301-662-9000
Hours (grand opening is Nov. 4th, 2017)First Saturday of every month: Noon – 9PM
Fridays and Saturdays: 5PM – 9PM
Gallery hours are approximate so if we missed you, please text us for a private tour.
 "Tulips and Gypsophila"

"Poppy in Fields of Lavender" 

"Lemon for Tea" 


 "Falling Flowers"

"Summer Light"

Acrylic Abstracts

Yay! I busted the painting mojo barrier this morning!

I've been battling to paint for a while so took the bull by the horns and did what I know I absolutely love the best ... abstract!

I find abstract sometimes rebellious, unpredictable, an excitement which constantly holds your attention, and a genre which tickles your imagination with the biggest feather available! So many exclamation marks in this post ... but my enthusiasm and pleasure is bursting today!

"Tropical Flowers" by Lynda Cookson

I've recently, because of down-sizing and moving into a much smaller home, destroyed a few of the larger paintings I had in stock. "Tropical Flowers" wasn't one of those! She's hung in my bedroom for a few years now and is going straight back into our new bedroom pretty tout suite!

Collage of  "Tropical Flowers" by Lynda Cookson

Detail of "Tropical Flowers" by Lynda Cookson

"Shorn Alpaca. Where's My Fleece?"

There are a couple of Alpaca farms, that I know of, here in Brittany ... and what beautiful animals they are. So full of character - and attitude! This painting was inspired by a very recently shorn Alpaca whose indignance you can see in her eyes.

"Shorn Alpaca. Where's My Fleece" is available on Etsy. Just click the image.

"Red Sail"

After a long spell whilst tending to family needs and then moving house, I'm settling down to paint again .. yay! To get me back into the swing of it, I'm going for a painting a day using acrylic on paper with my usual free style with unexpected colours.

Here's "Red Sail", now available on Etsy. Just click the image!

Palette Knife Painters Group Images 19 June to 2 July 2017

"A Spiritual Journey" by Lynda Cookson

The wind is howling today, spattering rain drops on windows and thoroughly wetting everything I have outside which I'm trying to keep dry! We've recently moved house and haven't been able to put everything in its allotted space yet. So I thought a little bit of peace and calm was required. Hence "A Spiritual Journey" with its calm green, dusky pink and cloudy blue.

"A Spiritual Journey" by Lynda Cookson

Detail of "A Spiritual Journey" by Lynda Cookson

"Sunflower Wedding" by Lynda Cookson

This was a fun painting completed for a couple getting married. She carried a bouquet of Sunflowers, the dragon represents the unit he was with in the army, they had a Jack Russell terrier and he worked as a tree doctor ... so, dog, trees, dragon and Sunflower! He also plays the flute. I loved painting it and they loved the painting!

"Sunflower Wedding" by Lynda Cookson

"Pink Ballet Shoes" by Lynda Cookson

Music and dance have always been important stimulants for me. In fact, my first own-business was a ballroom dance studio! I have never had a ballet lesson but had contact with ballet teachers, as well as Spanish dance teachers, which gave me a taste of the depth and love in their lives. To me, ballet shoes are things of real beauty ... from the perfection of their own creation, to the support, love and life they give to their dancers - all finally depicted in their wrinkles, stains and frays.

"Pink Ballet Shoes" is still for sale and you just need to contact me.

 "Pink Ballet Shoes" by Lynda Cookson

Detail of "Pink Ballet Shoes" by Lynda Cookson

"Piggy Sam"

At the turn of the century, when we had just emigrated from SA to Ireland, and I was battling to absorb my new cool environment, I turned to humour in painting and created the Musical Piggy Collection. "Piggy Sue" and "Buddy Hoggy" were followed by "Pig Floyd" and "The Carpiggers". Finally - "Piggy Sam" whose slim connection to music came from "Play it again Sam"

"Piggy Sam" by Lynda Cookson

"Sophia's Pointes"


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All other painting prices are unaltered but if you message me with a reasonable and sensible offer I may be able to consider it (This is not a definite! It depends on the painting!). Hint: For these paintings above $25 please don't offer me a price less than 85% of the present sales price (That's a 15% discount) Shipping will be added to the price, as normal.

I have repeated "You will need to message me before you buy" because if you buy first, then message me afterwards, higher eBay and PayPal fees will be charged. Higher fees will be for your account - and even I would like to avoid that!

Reason for SALE : From 1 May we are going traveling! Indefinitely. And I don't want to be tied down to eBay Store listing renewals. I would love it if you kept in touch with me, and my available paintings, through my website. My contact details are there.

Some of the available paintings :

A Bit of Flying Fun. My Traveling Chickens Blog No. 3 (The Final)

After their exciting (and excitable!) visit to La Ville Oger, here in Morbihan (Brittany, France) Team Chicken needed a bit of light-hearted fun.

"Our left legs are still all creaky and stiff from hours in the Post Lady's van" they complained.

We had been packing up all our goods and chattels because we're selling almost everything and going traveling for a few years. Milly the Motorhome is waiting patiently outside, ready to roll when we say the word. but ... it meant that life was a little restricted during Team Chicken's visit and there was not much room for running around, getting exercise, and generally getting in trim for their long flight back too the States. There are way too many boxes and paintings and stuff littered around the floor space.

Mr Dog the Pilot had a brilliant idea. He doesn't get  much of a chance to show off his piloting skills, so  he suggested he give everyone rides on the front of his plane, one by one. Because they had to use all their leg muscles to stay balanced while he flew around, those cramped left legs would soon loosen up.

"Flying Fun" is available for sale bu clicking the Buy Now button

Did I mention that this is a very noisy visit that Team Chicken are enjoying? Yeah, well, it never seems to stop!

The racket that little yellow airplane made as it whizzed through tunnels of boxes, narrowly missing getting the wings caught on the handles of bags holding books, and doing the loop-da-loop at break-neck speed between the huge, ancient beams on the ceiling ... was simply incredible! Not to mention the squeals of delight and screeches of terror which seemed to alternate as each member of Team Chicken enjoyed their turn and begged for more, scuffling and niggling in the queue.

"Me next!"
"No! You've just had a turn!"
"Did. Saw you."
"Hey! Don't elbow me!"

I must say, Mr Dog is actually quite the pilot! He never lost control once, kept his passengers well balanced, and clung tightly to their legs during the upside-down bit of the loop-da-loops so they wouldn't fall off.  There was a huge round of applause for him when he finally called in tired and shoo-ed the fun-loving chickens out of their expectant queue.

Finally, there was quiet in the house and an exhausted Team Chicken had a good sleep before they caught their flight back home to Pandalana.

What an absolute delight it had been to host such a feisty and fun-loving crew.

Lynda Cookson
Her artwork can be found here:

Josselin - France

A Rush of Tweeting and Yellow Stuff. My Traveling Chickens Blog No. 2

"What is that incredible scratching and high-pitched sound which is coming nearer and nearer?" asked Senor Azul during their photoshoot, his eyes bulging from their sockets with fear. Team Chicken's visit was turning out to be a very noisy visit indeed. "I saw a flash of yellow! Very fast moving yellow!" he yelled.

"You're travel weary and just seeing the reflections from the Daffodils" his compatriots informed him. "Now sit still and stop rustling the flowers!"

Was it the yellow from these Daffodils he could see?

And then all hell broke loose.

In a strong whoosh! of a breeze, just like the recent weather we've been having, hundreds of fluffy yellow balls with orange bits landed on the photoshoot table, accompanied by the loudest tweeting noise you have ever, in your whole life, heard! Our photoshoot was being invaded by little yellow alien fluff balls!

The chaos of yellow and orange turned out to be loads of Easter chicks who had been packed away in a box for a few years, being moved that way from Ireland to France, and not having been unpacked since the move. And they were angry!

Easter chicks yelling their anger at Team Chicken

Team Chicken went quickly into action, squawking and flapping their wings and chasing yellow Easter chicks back into their box with the force of a sou' easter gale. However, a few of the brave chicks held their ground, refusing to budge until they were allowed to be part of the photoshoot.

"We have to be seen and get our voices heard out there in the Big Wide World. It's a disgrace that we have been packed away for so long, missing at least three Easter seasons!" their leader cheeped loudly. "And we'd like our leaders to accompany Team Chicken back to the States so that we can continue to reach more people."

Here's Team Chicken negotiating with the Easter Chick leaders

And so it happened that way. The photoshoot was wrapped up with the chicks keeping fairly quiet and behaving well, and their leaders joined Team Chicken in their box, now winging its way back to Pandalana in the States.

What a relief. That invasion could have turned out badly ... but how could it! It's totally impossible for Easter chicks to be nasty in any way whatsoever. They're cute and fluffy and smell of chocolate Easter Eggs.

Team Chicken should be given full credit for the diplomacy and wisdom they have learned on their travels around the world.

Lynda Cookson
Her artwork can be found here:
and here:
Josselin - France