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Hello Summer ... and brilliant news!

On the hottest day of the year so far (thank heavens we live in a 400 year old house with thick stone walls!) ... I thought it apt to present a new little painting called "Hello Summer". Here she is:

"Hello Summer" is entirely palette knife painted and springs out of her hot background in true Lynda Cookson In-Your-Face style. She'll soon be available for sale on eBay and in my Studio Gallery ... to whoever is first to say "she's mine".

My brilliant news is that yesterday and today, despite three power cuts (!!!), I launched the first two of three Art Classes and Workshops sites. The first one is for the UK and Ireland and the second one is for France. I'll tell you about the third one when it happens ... which will be soon.

Here are the links:

Another little image just for the fun of it ... "Pink Rose"

'Til next time then!