Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lynda Cookson New Irish Art

Lynda Cookson New Irish Art

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Naga Headhunter Skulls

I had loads of fun this week researching and producing this painting (which looks a bit darker in this image than it actually is) about the Naga headhunters from the Himalayas. We're invited to the first birthday party of The Co-Op, a pub and restaurant in Moycullen, where I'll be opening The Painter's Palette in a couple of weeks time (in Moycullen, not in The Co-Op!), so this painting is their birthday present.

I so enjoyed myself ... actually painting in the kitchen on top of the chest freezer because my studio's table is full of other paraphenalia until I open the gallery ... that I think I'll develop the two studies I did, a little further and see if they can turn out okay too.

I've been wanting to experiment with watercolour again for a while now - although I cheated here, as I usually seem to do - by using acrylic paper and not watercolour paper. I also tried out a new method of printing (well, it's new to me anyhow) using the image I printed on my office printer and acrylic gloss medium. 'Twas fun!