Tuesday, August 06, 2013

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Friday, April 05, 2013

This is the video, taken by Eileen Lauster of Buster Drive Productions, in May 2012. Watch in on YouTube here : http://youtu.be/RhCZPc84_94

"After Twirling"'s Special Merit Award

I am happy to say that "After Twirling" (below) - to be found on pages 25 and 83 in the book above - won a little Special Merit award here :-)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New premises for The Painter's Palette

I'm very happy to say I have NEWS! We've found new premises for The Painter's Palette and are painting and moving in as I type. The first art classes begin there tomorrow and we're aiming for an opening "Do" in early April.

We'll still be an art gallery, a framer, a teaching studio and ... (this is new) ... will have a couple of art clubs where weekly painting sessions can take place with various other benefits for members - more later.

We're here, on the first floor of Camp Street, where the flag is flying ...

The Egg called Aspirations by Lynda Cookson

The Egg Called Aspirations which sold at auction, in aid of The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation on 28 March 2013 for €1200. The video can be viewed on Youtube here : http://youtu.be/RhCZPc84_94

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This is the picture story of "Aspirations" the most stunning Egg ever to grace a particular valley in Connemara.

Some years ago, in fact possibly nearly two decades ago (!!!) in the middle of baking a cake to help satisfy the two hungry teenage tummies of the household, I had to rush outside and take this pic which I called "Eggsactly!". It just happened this way, with the eggs falling eggsactly like that into the cup .....

I've always loved that image and have looked rather fondly on the beauty of eggs ever since.

And now I have a beautiful, huge, perfect Egg to paint ....

Having hidden away for a lovely peaceful Christmas after a hectic and manic 2012 I only spotted The Big Egg Hunt Dublin on 3 January 2013 and immediately emailed the helpful and friendly Hannah.
She wasted no time at all in okaying my application and despatching "Egg" to me, way out in the depths of deepest Connemara.

 Egg, a little shy to rush out ... so just sussing out the new pad

Egg decides it's not a bad place to be .... pretty scenic and peaceful
here in the Maam Valley actually ....

.... but there's this crazy artist person who seems intent on
photographing Egg with the sun and shadows playing pretty tricks

Egg was primed and adorned with texture paste pretty toute suite as the long process of apply-and-dry began.

I swear Egg perked up at this stage, beginning to preen herself in her elevated status, living as she was on the most stunning hillside in all of Connemara.

And this is how she grew and began to shine .....

 Tools of trade every fine Egg needs to have

 This was one of the less dignified poses Egg had to
assume in her quest for beauty

 Still rather raw ....

 .... but getting there.

 Layer by layer she aspired to greater beauty ....

.... and then it started to happen ....

 ... and excitement grew ....

 .... until finally ....

 ..... the time came to say goodbye to the valley ....

 ... as she was taken inside to be finally varnished
before her final trip back to The Big Smoke of Dubs.

 Just a few more studio shots of Egg's
detail before a bitter sweet parting
of Egg and artist

I fell in love with Egg and really didn't want her to leave but she had "Aspirations" which needed her far more than I .....