Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"The Big Whites"

After uploading this image to another blog, I've just realised why I feel so attached to this painting ... even although it SOLD some years ago.

For most artists, not every painting is a success. The non-successes are often tossed into the bin, burnt on the fire ... or like me, painted over, again and again until it feels complete and right.

This is what happened with this painting. I can't remember now what it was I painted before this final painting, but I know my heart and soul went into it all, and I have a secret pleasure in the knowledge that loads of creative history and passion for painting was worked into this image.

"The Big Whites" by Lynda Cookson

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunflowers and Sunshine

A cheerful, sunny painting from a few years ago ... I was just reminded of it recently. Although not by our recent weather.

Here in Brittany it's still raining and I'm not complaining! I love it. There's something very beautiful about rain in the countryside. I know the farmers love it, but more than that it's watching the raindrops fall from the outside eaves, smelling the damp soil, and loving the wash all the plants are getting. Oh yes. One downside. Bridie's huge muddy paws!

"Sunflowers and Sunshine"
by Lynda Cookson
(Still available for sale)


Saturday, July 25, 2015

La Joie de Wild Summers

I have a secret. I'll tell it's name but not what it is ... you'll have to wait for that for possibly even a year!!! Until I'm good and ready. It's been born but is still growing up, getting stronger each day.

It's called La Joie de Wild Summers .... it's not a painting, it's not entirely English, it's not entirely French, and it's gently baking, not ready for being delicious yet. And no, it's not food.

In the meantime, I'll just show you a new painting I did in preparation for a formal portrait painting I've been commissioned to do. I haven't yet been able to photograph it well ... hopefully tomorrow ... but in the meantime, here is "Sunflower Wedding", inspired by the works of Marc Chagall.

Friday, July 17, 2015

"Blue Tea Pot" by Lynda Cookson

I collect tea pots. Well, I did, but have now run out of space on the dresser so tend to resist collecting anything these days!

Life is reflected in their rounded sides and it's that rotundness; their perfect design of handle, lid and spout; and the anticipation they exude of things like comfort, friends, light chat, good conversation and a relaxing break, which is so enticing I think.

Would you like a nice cup of tea?

"Blue Tea Pot" by Lynda Cookson

"The Egg Called Aspirations" by Lynda Cookson

I've recently been reminded of "The Egg Called Aspirations" - my contribution to The Big Egg Hunt charity drive in Ireland a couple of years ago. Since then, just after I emigrated from Ireland to France, a similar drive has been organised with Pigs as their subject.

I had loads of fun designing and creating "Aspirations", was very proud of her on display, and even more proud when she sold at auction. I never knew who bought her, so if anyone ever meets her somewhere in the world, please let me know where!

Clicking the image below will also take you to the video of her creation: 

Video of "The Egg Called Aspirations"

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pink Ballet Shoes

"Pink Ballet Shoes"
Palette knife oil painting on deep-edge gallery canvas
Unframed, the painting wraps around the edge of the canvas
€650 plus €45 Shipping Worldwide

Detail images of "Pink Ballet Shoes"

 My creative life began with dancing ... not ballet dancing, but ballroom dancing. Coming from an extremely conservative and chauvinistic beginning, although not allowed to take art lessons or ballet lessons, we were allowed to take piano lessons and learn ballroom dancing. From that I developed a great love of grace in movement.  Quite likely, because my experience of music, exquisite feeling and creative expression was so limited in my formative years, it became more precious to me than if it had come more freely. So now, two of my great passions in life (apart from painting!) are dance shoes and musical instruments - especially the piano.

Friday, July 10, 2015

"Pond at the Edge of the Forest" by Lynda Cookson

Picking up the palette knife after months and months of not being able to paint, this past December, this painting is what emerged, from no inspiration other than what my right brain found while my left brain was listening to audio books.

"Pond at the Edge of the Forest"
by Lynda Cookson


Thursday, July 09, 2015

Padraig's Achill (Island, Co Mayo, Ireland)

I spent a stunning weekend on Achill Island in Co Mayo, Connemara, Galway, working with Dublin-born artist Padraig MacCaul a couple of years ago ... and this little abstract landscape was one of the jewels to come out of it.
In true Irish style the weekend saw rain, sunshine, wind and calm. Stir that in with the wildness and "aloneness" of the countryside and you have an exhilarating mix indeed. I hope I caught it all in this painting.

"Padraig's Achill" by Lynda Cookson