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Purple Bowl of Sunshine

Purple Bowl of Sunshine
Price : Euro210 SOLD

A recent sale from my exhibition at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Galway.


Anonymous said...

looks like a piece of Van Gogh's...
do you like his work?

i really like your personal point of view on flowers, indeed!!!
good work!!

Paintings On Impulse said...

Many thanks for your kind words! Yes, I do indeed like Van Gogh's work ... and this past April have had a print of one of my paintings exhibited at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam!!! (I visited the museum and wore a Tshirt imprinted with one of my paintings on it, at the Museum :-)!!) I somehow doubt its appearance there could be a notch on the belt of my CV though :-) ... but it made for good fun. The painting of his which made the most impression on me was one entitled something like "A Walk Down a Country Lane" - or something like that. Please don't quote me on that title as I have a terrible time remembering titles and numbers in life.