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Original Art Sale - 15% discount at The Painter's Palette Original Art Store

I've been hitting the keyboard and heating up a storm in my office today. The reason for my expending of so much energy is that I've been helping to create a new eBay store for my sister who'll be selling Art, Collectibles and Vintage Clothing. She's called it the Selador Collection.

I simply can't resist the fun of starting a new business!  Alan (husband) shrinks in  his seat, visibly, when we drive past empty shops in towns ... he knows full well that my brain has gone into immediate "What I could do with that space! It would make a stunning art gallery!" mode. And we've had loads of fun and some success with ventures in the past. However, I'm going for the peaceful and creative life now ... until I pass empty shops that is.

You can find my sister's "Selador Collection" here:

So while I was about it, I was tuning up my own store on eBay and decided, that as I'm working like crazy to create new paintings to upload this coming winter, I may as well create a promotion to see how much of the existing stock I can sell in time for Christmas presents. 

For the next 6 weeks, starting from today, the purchase of 3 items from the store will mean a 15% discount for you, as well as combined shipping costs of course. And I've included at least 95% of the stock in the store in this promotion.

You'll find it all here: 

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