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I was very touched by the German pianist who traveled 400 kms to take his piano to the site of the music hall in Paris where the terrorist attacks caused such devastation. He sat and played John Lennon's "Imagine" for a couple of minutes, then, feeling too emotional to continue, he packed up and left.

I've put a link to the video of him playing, below. It's great how that song has made such an impact on the world ... thanks John Lennon.

I was finishing an abstract study painting at the time I saw the story of this pianist, so decided to name the painting "Imagine" ... sigh, how original can I get! But then, I hope it adds its little bit of strength to the actions of that pianist and to the meaning in the song.


I suppose I would like folk to consider the fact that, despite your political beliefs and frustrations, kindness is in everyone. You just need to use it. The political situation will be as it is, and sometimes, as an individual, you are powerless to change that .... but you're not powerless to be kind.

It is possible to separate humanitarian acts of care from political beliefs.

Click the image below to see the video of the pianist playing "Imagine"

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