Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"The Old Geranium Chair"

I'm up from being in bed for a couple of days with a nasty flu bug ... and ready to continue with the formal portrait for The Sunflower Wedding Couple, and another painting in the #dreamlovepaint course ... as soon as I've cracked the last of the admin lurking in my left brain.

So, on to right brain stuff ... here's the last painting from the #dreamlovepaint course and I've called it "The Old Geranium Chair". Next in line is a bunch of daisies and mini-roses in a glass jar.


Elizabeth Merchant said...

The Old Geranium Chair - I make it a habit to search the web every so often for an artist with something special. And I came across your lively, colorful painting. Love the reds. And others will too. Kudos.

The Painter's Palette Art Studio said...

Thank you Elizabeth - that's very kind of you! Lynda