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Pair of Petunias

It's amazing how often a palette knife is picked up and used during the creation of mixed-tool paintings.

"Petunia Pair" - which is now being exhibited by The Gaslamp Gallery in Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland - is just such an example. The white background was spread with my favourite palette knife and bits and parts of the flowers were encouraged into place using that same palette knife ... and the other tools are a mystery! LOL Simply because I can't remember what I used!!

So often a painting is created while I'm in a sort of arty farty daze, instinctively using whatever medium or tool is necessary to create the final effect ... and, like a chef who doesn't use a recipe, it's hard to remember what was used, when someone asks at the end of the process!

You can access The Gaslamp Gallery website here:
(You won't find my paintings up on the gallery at the moment as they are being held back for a Spring launching ... but they're there ... just ask!)

"Pair of Petunias" by Lynda Cookson

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