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Irises and Tulips

Each of these Giclee images is 66 cm wide and 44 cm high (about 26" x 17"), printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame (like an art canvas).

In short, a Giclee is a high quality print where pigments have been used to print the image instead of inks, giving the final product a life span of a minimum of 100 years instead of 25 years.

On purchase, shipment to a destination in Ireland is included; we will be happy to supply a quote for shipment to any other part of the world.

It is also possible to ship the Giclee to you rolled up in a tube and you can arrange to either have the Giclee stretched or framed, or both. This would be the most reasonably priced option.

Price excluding international shipping : €135

"Irises and Tulips"
© Lynda Cookson

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