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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oranges and Lemons

Last November we spent a couple of weeks in the Algarve in Portugal. As my 87 year old Mum cannot walk around much, we took loads of drives, and on one such sunny day drive, stopped at a window to buy oranges. We literally did stop at a window .... a very bright pile of bags of oranges were displayed beneath a colourful umbrella outside the front parlour window of a house on the main road. As I walked up to the house an elderly woman leaned out of the window and silently took my money, indicating I should help myself to a bag of fruit. €2 bought us a healthy sackful and, as is everything in our home, they were photographed to death by yours truly before anyone was allowed to taste their juiciness.

A couple of months later in January, back home in Connemara, the snow covered our pile of turf in the garden, urgently inviting me to rush out and buy a horde of lovely, yellow lemons. I sliced some of them and threw them all on the snow, whipping out my camera to catch their sharpness against the white snow.

I hope you enjoy the results .....

Each of these "Oranges and Lemons" Giclee prints is 66 cm wide and 44 cm high (about 26" x 17"), printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame (like an art canvas).

In short, a Giclee is a high quality print where pigments have been used to print the image instead of inks, giving the final product a life span of a minimum of 100 years instead of 25 years.

On purchase, shipment to a destination in Ireland is included; we will be happy to supply a quote for shipment to any other part of the world.

It is also possible to ship the Giclee to you rolled up in a tube and you can arrange to either have the Giclee stretched or framed, or both. This would be the most reasonably priced option for buyers our of Ireland.

Price excluding international shipping : €135

© Lynda Cookson

"Iced Lemon"
© Lynda Cookson

"Juice of Portugal"
© Lynda Cookson

"Lemon Crystal"
© Lynda Cookson

 "Orange Squeeze"
© Lynda Cookson
"Lemon Wheel"
© Lynda Cookson

"Orange Tower"
© Lynda Cookson

 "Lemon Zest"
© Lynda Cookson

"Sliced Delight"
© Lynda Cookson

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