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"Brendan" by Lynda Cookson

This is Brendan. He's brand new ... despite the apparent age and experience showing on his horns. Well, he's fresh off my palette knife anyway. And he's almost ready to be on his way to Gallery 1608 in Bushmills, Northern Ireland. He's just waiting to be framed, after which he and his 3 mates, also waiting to be framed, will be packaged up and sent northwards to that famous town where excellent whiskey is distilled, and where Ian Bickerstaff and Gallery 1608 are becoming more and more well known.

"Brendan" by Lynda Cookson
I have a reputation for enjoying the strength of sound, and uniqueness, of many Irish names so it's no surprise at all that my hardy, black-faced sheep, found everywhere in the farmlands of Ireland, are aptly named. (My lovely long-haired German Shepherd is named Bridie, short for Bridget)

Possibly more sheep pics later ... four of them are Bushmills bound with another seven going to the gallery All Things Connemara in Clifden, Co Galway.

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