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"Wisteria" is an oil study on brown wrapping paper. It's one of four studies which hang on my office wall and which came into existence during a demo day in Hitchin in the UK, 2014. Unfortunately only half the image is visible on this blog page ... you'll have to click it to see the whole image. Sorry about that.

I have no idea why I named it "Wisteria" and was reminded of it only by flipping through images this evening ... but somehow the name fits.

It's very liberating and one of the best exercises an artist can do, to simply work on a poor quality surface (being brown wrapping paper) letting go of any inhibitions and reserves within you, knowing that if you make a mess then not much is wasted.

You can draw on whatever patterns, memories, shapes or feelings which surface during the process and trust your instinct that you will put them in the place which is "right" for them ... even if you're feeling rebellious and hoping to create disharmony or discordance. You'll know when to stop working on a study when, after  you've gone through the bad hair day moment you begin to hesitate and question whether you've done enough or not. Or maybe you'll be lucky and without hesitation at all say Enough, 'tis done.

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