Friday, January 29, 2016

My world is alive with challenges!

I absolutely thrive on pressure and challenge ... as long as I can get long nights of sleep and the occasional day where my wheels simply fall off and I have to sleep the afternoon away. I'm obviously loving a life of extremes ... either totally exhilarated or happily snoozing on a sense of achievement.

There's a lot on my plate this year .... the new aspects being a demanding new brush painting course, and administering and marketing the Palette Knife Painters Group which takes up two almost entire days a week at the moment. I've still got a formal, large, portrait painting to complete, a trip to the UK (family visits) and Ireland to take work to three galleries there, marketing my own work and keeping a high profile in cyberspace ... and, of course, my fair share of looking after my 92 year Mum who has Altzheimers.

My tip for the day:
The days are just flying by .... so I've set out a timetable for myself, just like I was in school. And it's really helping to keep me on track and stay focused. I've used a spreadsheet programme with each day of the week and it's duties highlighted in a different colour. Yay me!

On a high today, so have chosen a busy painting for this blog :


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