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Palette Knife Painters Group

I'm happy to report that I have recently been handed the reins of the Palette Knife Painters group and blog. Yay! What a challenge and what a lovely group of artists to work with.

I'm busy getting the hang of it all - how to network this valuable gem so that it becomes part of a strong linked-system working Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter - as well as other blogs and platforms.

We're on the lookout for new palette knife artists .... hopefully loads more from Europe, Africa and Australia - as well as anywhere else in the world we can find them. And there must be a treasure trove more palette knife artists in the USA too. In this way we'll bring together a host of different styles influenced by different cultures and environments. Just think of that energy!

You can find the main blog here :

Here is a sample of paintings recently uploaded:

 Artist : Karin Tarlton

 Artist : Jane Boyd

 Artist : Judith Babcock

 Artist : Carol Schiff

Artist : Mark Bidstrup

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