Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mirror Frame

I poured acrylics on an old frame yesterday, hoping to upcycle it for a framed mirror.

I loved how it turned out on Day 1 .... BUT with acrylic pouring, whilst the paint dries sufficiently over the next 24 hours, there is a nail-biting period of watching and waiting to see if the paint moves drastically from how you want it to be, to how it wants to be!

My prayer for those hours was "Please stay like this. Please stay like this. Please stay like this." LOL

This is how it was immediately I had finished pouring and manipulating the paint to where I wanted it to be.

I resisted waking up in the middle of the night to check on its progress but do admit to rushing through first thing in the morning to gawp at what had happened, or not happened, during the night.

To my delight there wasn't much movement of paint, only a sinking in and drying. Even although I had gesso-ed the surface of the frame - twice, I think - a lot of the moisture of the paint had sunk in. It ended up giving it a great look though because the grain of the wood shows through as an embossed pattern and I love it!

Here it is as dry as it can be the next morning.

Hardly any difference, just the colour fading very slightly, but I'm not worried about that. As soon as it's dry enough and "cured" enough, I'll gloss it again with a couple of coats of varnish. Voila!

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