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Open Studio

Living in such a small space as we do now in our "old age"... (Okay, I should remove those inverted commas around "old age" because although I don't feel it, I think one of us in our mid sixties and the other in his early seventies, is actually considered being in your old age. Sigh.)

To finish that first sentence about a small living space, I've sorted all my work which can either be sold or given away, and set it all out in our motorhome! It's become my Open Studio even although it serves as our only car as well. We don't go out much in summer - too hot for both me and Bridie the German Shepherd - so why not?

My acrylic abstract pendants are there, along with glass painted tea light holders, mini paintings on mini easels, abstract acrylic vases, mountboarded paintings and framed paintings. The whole shebang.

Now to make myself a sign.

These are a couple of the paintings, and some of the pendants, on show there.

 "Blue Headed Red Breasted Bird" oil on
mini deep edge canvas with silver leaf

"Toadstools" mini oil painting on wood with gold glitter glue 

Abstract seascape pendant. Acrylic 

 Abstract landscape pendant. Acrylic

Owl Pendants

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