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Cool Canter

Cool Canter
Oil on Linen Board
Framed in triple with thin gold, slightly off-white and wide gold frame
Size : 445 x 605 mm (unframed)
Price : 1000.00 Euro SOLD through Bold Art Gallery in Galway

I'm both happy and sad to say that 'Cool Canter' has sold. Always happy to sell but not always so happy to say goodbye to a painting I really relate to! 'Cool Canter' was the first in the Horse Series and just rolled off the brushes. I hid it at home for a month or two before deciding it had better get out there to join the Christmas exhibitions, and now it's gone.

Life has been so busy these past few weeks with a visit to the UK and various writing and interviewing deadlines to be met. Hopefully in the week before Christmas I can light the fire, set out the paints and pick up the brushes again. It always takes me a few hours to get back into it - I fiddle with paints, prepare a few canvases and generally look at and feel the work already done, so that I can get in touch with it all again and put the brain power on hold and the heart power in gear.

Next painting coming soon .... probably this coming weekend, so watch this space .....

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