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El Caballo Frison

El Caballo Frison
Oil on linen covered board
445 x 605 mm unframed
Framed in triple with thin gold, slightly off-white and wide gold frame

This is the painting which is going to give me the collywobbles until May 2007! It is the second in the horse series, less free-spirited than 'Cool Canter' but nevertheless another favourite of mine. And it's the painting which was selected for auction at the May 2007 sale of Christies of London - hence the collywobbles until then!! It's hugely possible that the piece won't sell at the auction because I'm not a known name, but you gotta start somewhere ......... so please hold thumbs for me!

There are four or five other horse paintings, some big, some even bigger, and some small, in the pipeline and half painted, but with the interruptions of the last month or so I may divert into another theme for a while before going back to the horses. It's always a mix of feelings at this point - excitement to see what's going to happen when I get into it again, and nerves that I may mess up, so let's just see what happens.

In the meantime, I'll try and keep the images coming on Paintings On Impulse.

Have a wonderful Christmas and everything that you wish for yourself and your families for 2007!

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