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Sheer Joy

Sheer Joy
Oil on Canvas
Approximately 400 x 550 mm (the piece is in Barcelona in Spain and not able to be measured right now)

Time for a change in the flow of paintings on this blog! And this one sure is different ... although the image doesn't depict the colours as they truly are. It seems that there are sweeping strokes of black - no black at all in this painting - it's purple. And the reds are a darker red in the image than in reality. When the painting gets back to my studio some time in the next year, I'll try and take another digital image of it and get the colours right. Adn the texure. It's full of texture.

I love abstract - and this one is called 'Sheer Joy' because that's actually what I feel when I'm doing abstracts. I love the rebellious feeling of freedom that comes with it; the unpredictable movements, tools and media used to put the paint on; the wild choice of which colour to use next...and will it be challenging enough? Abstracts must always challenge and elicit a feeling of excitement for me, otherwise they get painted over.

So as I send the last blog for 2006 and welcome 2007 with a splash of abstract, what you can't see (luckily) is that I have paint all over my hands and on my nose and cheek. I'm having an abstract day and am in seventh heaven - a grand way to spend the last weekend of the year.

May I wish you all a Happy New Year with everything that you wish for being within easy reach in 2007! You've got to reach for it though because it sure doesn't fall into your lap!

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