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"Lone Palm" and "In the Pink"

Two recent sales have been "Lone Palm", a subjective abstract oil painting which I have always rather liked. It seems to capture the energy of cool sea-breeze weather and hot tropical sunshine with a richness of texture and colour. I suppose it's not surprising that "Lone Palm" found its  home in Norway then!

 "Lone Palm"

And then "In the Pink", a charcoal and pastel life class drawing on sugar paper. Life class exercises are always challenging, always fun and always surprise you with how different the works from each class are. It's most often the influence of whoever is running the class I suppose. This particular drawing was completed in a class I attended in Dublin about 2 years ago where the instructor encouraged us to experiment with white charcoal. I love the freedom one feels creating these drawings. To me, the most important aspect, is to capture the chemistry I feel from the model. I'm not really interested in portraying his/her face and am more interested in capturing the body language and attitude often conveyed by the props they may use.

"In the Pink" now lives in Louisiana, USA.

"In the Pink"

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