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"Sunflower Wedding"

"Sunflower Wedding". Gone. A week ago ... and my studio is now less bright. I miss it. Sniff.

If anybody wants to give me an excuse to paint another painting in this style ... taking elements of your life, or lives, and immortalising them in oils on canvas .... just send me a message and I'll send you my price list.

I have created another painting since this one, in this ilk, but I can't show it to you now as it's a surprise for someone who hasn't received it yet!

This is Alan's pic after he framed the painting and this is before framing ...

Oh, and did I mention that "Paddy and Liam" and "Carrick-a-rede Bridge" were both SOLD recently from Gallery 1608 in Bushmills, Northern Ireland?

 "Paddy and Liam"

"Carrick-a-rede Bridge"

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