Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Sunflower Wedding Formal Portrait"

The groundwork has been laid and now it's time ... during this next week ... to get going, with my heart and soul going into the "Sunflower Wedding Formal Portrait".

I'll add  images here as I go along, or you could watch the progress (which will be fairly slow!) on

For now, here's the starter. The basic outline of the composition has been agreed upon with the help of a pencil drawing on baking sheet paper, initial colours have been chosen, and the canvas has received two coats of lovely clean white gesso.

Rarin' to go now.

It was decided to lose the Welsh Guards badge (top left corner in this image) as, although it's a precious and sentimental symbol for the couple, there was just no comfortable or harmonious place to put it in the painting. James' head has since been enlarged a little and Carrie will be holding a flower on the book on her lap. She'll also have a suggestion of a chair to sit on so she's not sitting on thin air! So looking forward to getting going with this painting.

The two coats of gesso make a huge difference to a canvas. It's like a first date ... you're just starting to get to know the creation, and beginning a lovely relationship.

Tally ho!

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