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The story of "Lone Tree" by Lynda Cookson

A funny thing happened with this little watercolour called "Lone Tree".

I'm using up old pieces of watercolour paper which belonged to my Mum way back when, and I mean really way back when. She probably bought the paper close to 25 years ago. I've been trying out different brush stroke techniques and this piece of paper took the paint in different ways. I liked it so I left it. There's a block to the left of centre in the blue sky where the paint took smoothly. For the rest of it, "it blotched". The effect was to make a simple brush stroke more interesting ... with a hint of weather.

I used a wet on dry technique and the paper seemed to be very absorbent either side of the oblong shape where the paper allowed the paint to be brushed on smoothly.

"Lone Tree" by Lynda Cookson

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