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Beneath The Bud

Beneath The Bud
Acrylic on board
5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8 mm)

A different view of a rosebud .... from beneath looking up so that the full, rounded base of the bud is revealed in all its plumpness! The bunch of rosebuds from which this one was chosen, lasted two weeks from bud to full bloom, and richly deserved the description: 'Delicious'. They were gorgeous.

As I am going to be uploading paintings of different sizes and different mediums to this blog, I won't put a price to them and instead ask that you email me to discuss their value if you are interested in purchasing. This has so far been a good experiment for me in that I've discovered that although small paintings can be satisfying and definitely have their place, I find producing larger paintings far more exciting and worth talking about!

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