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Heavens What a Garden!

Heavens What a Garden!
Acrylic on paper
11" x 7.5" (28 x 19 cms)
Price : $100

And now for something completely different!
An abstract. Filled with colour, texture and excitement. While working on the 'Deep Water Wonder' collection I used tons of paint, freely and generously, to create abstracts which, when each one was finished - and sometimes in the middle of the process, before it was complete - gave me such a lovely sense of butterflies in my tummy. Even now when I look at this particular abstract I am tempted to say 'Oh wow!' out loud.

The way the paint was applied has left textural marks simulating branches and twigs. In this particular painting the regular pathways made by the palette knife I used give a strong sense of a formal garden - but a rebellious formal garden exploding with colour and life. Definitely an exciting painting.

Click the image to see a larger, more detailed version.

I joined the fitness centre last week. If there's one thing that I miss about everyday life in South Africa it's a swimming pool. Not so long ago I read, or heard on the radio, that Ireland has only about 300 swimming pools, including private and public pools, in the whole country. Amazing. Just fly over any South African city or town and the swimming pools are more visible and seem more numerous than the houses! So it's great to spend 30 minutes on the walking machine followed by a lovely relaxing swim - thank heavens my swimming costume is still in one piece after not being used for about 5 or 6 years!

We have a lovely sunny and partly cloudy day here in Connemara - everything has that washed and sparkly look about it.

'Til next time ...

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