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Lily In Lilac and Purple

Lily In Lilac and Purple
Acrylic on board
5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8 mm)
Price : Euro100
(includes postage and packaging worldwide)

It's been nearly two weeks since my last post and heavens knows where the time has gone! For some of it, the blogger website was down but for the rest I have been on trains to Dublin and back (delivering paintings to the fine art auctioneer), moving my studio out of our main living room, and painting like crazy to have something to offer the galleries who want smallish pieces for their Christmas exhibitions. Oh, and collecting kindling for winter fires, from the field next door. All things that just had to be done.

Today's painting is of a lily I bought from the flower sellers in Grafton Street in Dublin during the time my paintings were on exhibition at Airfield Trust in one of the southern areas of Dublin. The flower sellers are the one and only reason I walk down Grafton Street - it's always so full of people that sometimes I feel a little bruised when I emerge from either end of it! The flower sellers have banks of colour with the freshest blooms, the most expensive of them stylishly wrapped, and all just as tempting as the shelves in a chocolate shop. I veer off Grafton Street at the flower sellers knowing that another treat is just down a side road - the Apollo Art Gallery, which only seems to exhibit the work of already well-known artists and people like the Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood who sold a self-portrait of himself for Euro55 000.00!!

The day is slipping by too quickly again so now I must continue with some support preparation - gesso-ing boards which I have covered in linen, and get back to the horses I am painting for this year's Art Ireland exhibition in mid-November.

Have a good one!

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