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Green Apple Red Apple

Green Apple Red Apple
6.5" x 4.5" (17 x 12 cmx)
Watercolour pencil on watercolour paper
Double mounted/matted with a navy blue surround to the painting and an outer off-white mount board
The painting also has a frame included in the price - but you can choose whether or not you would like the frame
Price : $100

No fruit or flowers which pass our front door go unphotographed (as you will see from the photo library on my website)! And these apples and grapes were no exception. We live an hour's drive from our nearest city, Galway, and usually only arrive home on town days after 7 pm in the evening, tired from a day packed with chores, and laden with packages .... too late, and usually too dark, for me to fit in a painting as well as cook and pack everything away. So the photographs become gold to me.

The trick with watercolour pencils is to know how much water and how much not to use to give the painting just the right amount of texture and bonding. Every artist will choose a different amount according to the pleasure they find in texutre. The same applies to how heavily you use the pencil in different areas, giving a different kind of texture when lots of pencil markings leave little islands of medium once the water has dried.

After meeting my last article writing deadline for the magazines yesterday, I am free to start playing with my paints again today. Jolly good thing too because the stocks in my gallery are very low indeed at the moment - I've had a good run this summer!

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